Saturday, May 31, 2014


Well, Junior year is O-V-E-R OVER!!! It's been fun, but I'm ready for a break. I'm ready for summer.

I have been thinking though. With summer here many people are saying how happy they are that school is done and that's great, I'm happy too. But when it gets to a point of pure ungrateful complaining, that's were I feel a bit bothered. Yes school is out and that's great and wonderful, but you don't need to be rude and talk about the fact that you wish you didn't have to go to school ever, say you hate school, your teachers, and the fact that there is no where to park because you decided not to even show up until 2nd period.

You have a car to drive. You are blessed enough that there are brilliantly smart people in this world, who could be making a lot more money at other jobs, who chose to become a teacher to help YOU gain knowledge, confidence, and an education. You have a nice school to go to. There are paved roads that you get to drive on to get to that school. There is no one telling you that you can't get an education simply because you are a girl. There is no one telling you that you are required to serve in the military and forget your education because you are a boy. You can safely, securely go to and from school. You aren't being kidnapped from your school never to see your family again.

And if that is all just a bit much, think of it this way.

YOU CAN WRITE YOUR NAME while millions throughout world history have not had the luxury of doing so. If they were lucky to ever hold a pen they could possibly write an "X" instead. Their own NAME. Think about that one for a sec.

So the next time you think that school is stupid and you assume that you are so above it, think again. You are very lucky to be where you are and to have the things and opportunities that you have been blessed with. Try to think about the wonderful blessings that school and your education has brought to you, rather than dwell on some of the minor trials that you may have to endure in exchange for your education and the many blessings it will bring you in the future.