Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Days 28 & 29 & 30}

Day 28

Well yesterday was so full of family and fun that I didn't get a chance to write! Which, when you think about it, is a wonderful reason to miss a blog post. :) This is going to sound silly, but I am thankful that our house has Christmas lights on it! When we moved they were already up so I guess we just went with it.. It's AWESOME! I love it!

Day 29

Today I am thankful that I have a car to get to school and work in. Well, technically it is my Mom's car and she lets me borrow it on the daily. So I am thankful for my Mom's car.. yeah.

Day 30!!

Well I made it the whole month, how about you? Today I am thankful that I have constant reminders around me every day of just how wonderful Christ is and how much he loves us! Whenever the sky looks really pretty all I can help but think is that "Heavenly Father and Jesus love us a lot! Look at the pretty sky they are giving us!" I am thankful for cute littles and their loving spirits. I am thankful for my warm house, and I am thankful for Christ.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 27}

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Oh you guys it is one of my favorite days of the year! :D Yay!

Today I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life that have shaped who I am and have always shown me love and kindness. My mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, friends, best friends, school teachers, Sunday school teachers, Seminary teachers, our dog, and SO MANY MORE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!

You have all made my life so wonderful and I am so thankful for YOU!

O hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving! Drive safe and eat lots of yummy food!

I love you all!
-Hannah Riley

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 26}

Today I am thankful for our new Christmas Tree! When we moved last April my mom chucked our old one in the trash. She has told me that throwing away our old tree was the best part of the whole move. In October, Hobby Lobby was having a Christmas Tree sale and my mom took me because the craft store is kind of our thing, and we picked out a tree. It is gorgeous and I love it and I will post a photo once it is all decorated. I know, it is the day before Thanksgiving and I am talking about how I am thankful for our Christmas Tree, but I really am thankful that we have a pretty symbol of the season in our house. It makes me happy and that is why I am thankful for it!