Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A friend of mine wrote this...not me (I wish I were smart enough to have come up with this..haha). And I think it's pretty much brilliant...SO...here it is!
You know when you were little, you were always like, "I can't wait until I'm a teenager! Then I can be all cool and stuff!" And those adults are always saying, "Yeah, the teenage years were the best!" Sorry...WHAT? Being a teen sucks. I mean, "Oh yay! Braces!"...NOT. Sure, you'll get to drive. And also get a job to pay for it. Then...the people. Hey "Mr. Gangster-wanna-be." PULL UP YOUR PANTS, MAN! And all you Twilight fans - No one but you guys cares if its Edward or Jacob, honestly. Hey there Justin Bieber fans..."Bieber Fever", eh? But as they say, it's just a fever, right? They'll get over it. And what's up with all this "drama"? It's junior high, people. What do mean, "Like, OMG! He totally broke up with me!"...Define "going out". You can't drive yet. What, did  you have your mom drive you to McDonald's and then play Mario Kart later? Seriously. And there's all the pressure. Peer pressure, pressure for good grades, and most of all pressure to look good. You have to look good when someone's watching...and someone's always watching. Not that I'm excited to grow up, either, just...Whatever. Life makes no sense.


So this pretty much sums it up! Being a teenager sucks...though I have to say there are some fun moments... :)
Just thought I would share this :) It made my day the first time I read it :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Over Played Music

You know how when you first hear a song and you totally LOVE it and then after about 2 weeks it becomes SO overplayed (because everyone else likes it too) that you're sick of it and you hate the song? I have this problem! For example (if you like these songs please don't be offended in any way...I just have to have an example here...) Moves Like Jagger and Stereo Heart...both sung by the same artist...And I use to love these songs...But if I have to listen to them one more time I think I may just flip out or something... It just ruins a song when you hear it over and over again! I think listening to music would be more enjoyable if the song comes on every once and a while...the fact that it surprises you and you think "HEY!! I love this song" makes the song more enjoyable than if you have heard it for the billionth time that day and your like "OMG I am  SO sick of this song!!" Sometimes I almost feel like these over played songs are stalking me...because they are playing EVERYWHERE I go!

haha. Pardon my rant... but it just had to be said! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If Only

I just got off the phone after an hour and a half of talking to one of my very close friends. We started out talking about one thing that lead to another and another...after she hung up I was thinking about what we had discussed and I just started typing.

This rant/poem/what ever you want to call it is from the top of my head. And if I do say so myself...for being this tired and being this late at night...it's pretty darn good :)

If only people didn't depend on their popularity
If only people use their brains instead of their looks to get what they wanted in life.
If only people took more time to notice what they were saying instead of what they were wearing.
If only people weren't so rude, self centered, and arrogant.
If only people could get off the internet into the real world.
If only people would go back to simpler times of laughter and love
If only the world could be at peace for a day.
If only the world could be accepting of itself.
If only the world would stop for a moment and think.
If only the world would stop for a moment and sing.
If only we could come together as one.
If only we could realize that we are all so different, yet exactly the same.
If only we stopped, and all held hands.
If only we tried to love one another.
If only we gave what we had to each other.
If only we could see where we will go.
If only we gave all that we could give, so that there was no hatred left on the earth.
"If" is a wish." Let's" is an idea, but "WE CAN" is the promise the will and the right.
If we will only put up the fight WE CAN all do whats right. Be proud of who we are.
And although who we are is not perfect, only time can tell. How close to perfect we can be.
If we become each others brother if we, take the road less traveled, if we all put in the effort:


~Hannah Riley Hancock
October 18, 2011


Hey! I'm Hannh! And this blog is pretty much gonna be me talking about whatever... :) Thoughts and opinions I have and what I think about the world ETC!! So ready or not HERE I AM!!