Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Over Played Music

You know how when you first hear a song and you totally LOVE it and then after about 2 weeks it becomes SO overplayed (because everyone else likes it too) that you're sick of it and you hate the song? I have this problem! For example (if you like these songs please don't be offended in any way...I just have to have an example here...) Moves Like Jagger and Stereo Heart...both sung by the same artist...And I use to love these songs...But if I have to listen to them one more time I think I may just flip out or something... It just ruins a song when you hear it over and over again! I think listening to music would be more enjoyable if the song comes on every once and a while...the fact that it surprises you and you think "HEY!! I love this song" makes the song more enjoyable than if you have heard it for the billionth time that day and your like "OMG I am  SO sick of this song!!" Sometimes I almost feel like these over played songs are stalking me...because they are playing EVERYWHERE I go!

haha. Pardon my rant... but it just had to be said! :)

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