Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have decided that I am actually going to get stuff done this summer! And I know I'm not going to want to be productive every day, but darn it! I am going to do something! I think I need to find a good show on Netflix to watch when I just need a little break. However I need some suggestions because at the moment I am so desperate as to be watching Hannah Montana, my childhood obsession. Though it may be cheesy, I still sort of like it. But really, HELP! I can't spend all summer watching Hannah Montana! Please leave any suggestions in the comments!


I'm not just planning on watching Netflix. If you read my last post {HERE} you know that I have a photography project. And I'm definitely going to work out more, I love to run, but It's hard to find time with my crazy schedule! Now that summer is almost here I can't wait to go running more! :) I also really want to work on my Personal Progress. And then there is Girls Camp and Youth Conference. I'm super excited about one, and completely dreading the other, I'll leave it up to you to figure out which is which.* I am also hoping and praying and trying to get a job! (Any suggestions? leave em' in the comments!)

Now that I have to buy my own clothes I appreciate the ones I have more. So, I am going to clean out my closet this summer. And If you have ever seen my closet, you know that this will be no small task. It will probably take me about 3 weeks start to finish. First you have to sort; D.I. pile, Plato's Closet pile, and Keepers pile. Then you have to catalog, or at least I do, I bought a $5 app just for organizing your closet and I really need to use it! I paid 5 freaking dollars for it! After I catalog I have to take my D.I. pile and my Plato's Closet pile to previously stated stores and hopefully get some good cash for new clothes. :) Whoa, this otta be interesting..

I think summer is when you can just focus on you and relax. I need that. I'm excited to have time to eat breakfast in the morning and hopefully get a job! I think if you just sit on your butt all summer you will regret it when school comes back around. So, here I am. Committing to be more productive! I need to go buy a planner (because that's how I roll, none of these calendar apps! I need to write it down!) so I can plan everything. Because we all know how I like my life to be planned out! Heck, if my wedding is already planned via Pinterest, then the least I can do is outline my summer!

*I can't wait for Girls Camp! It's going to rock! YC.. not so much..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Switch!

Hey guys! My good friend Whitney an I decided to switch blogs today! Hop on over to Whitney's Blog to read mine when you're done here! :)

I assume most of you know me since Hannah and I are partly connected at the hip. Well, my shoulder is connected to her hip due to my lack of vertical altitude. For those of you who don't know me my name is Whitney Reid. I spend most of my time in the gym either tumbling or coaching. While I love love love the time I spend with my team, I love the time I spend with the Lord even more. I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and am a little obsessed with this lovely church. When I grow up I want to be a graphic designer, but my true dream is work for EFY as a counselor and a speaker. I have a dream to be a motivational speaker one day. Until then I hope to reach people from the words of my blog. I want to do this because I have a piece of something so great that I want everyone to hold for themselves. This is my testimony.

This story began one day when I got on Facebook to see a message from one of my friends. This friend was turning 16 and for her birthday party she wanted to do something a little different. She wanted to hike mount Timpanogos, the tallest peak in Utah. And she wanted to do it all in the middle of the night.

Now I don't tell you this because the actual hike has any significance to you. I tell you this because this hike taught me something about life. This is the part that I want to share with you.

View From Mount Timpanogos
{picture via Google}
This hike began after dark when we drove to the base of the trail. The goal was to make it to the top before sunrise. We knew it was going to be a challenge, but we were so excited. I believe this is a sliver of how we felt as we prepared to leave our Father in Heaven to come to this earth. We knew the trials we would have would be very hard, but we were so excited. We cracked our glow sticks and started up the trail.
The first little bit of the hike was easy, that is until our bodies realized they should be in bed. When we first came to this earth we had no worries, but soon the world began to catch up to us. We climbed that mountain in the dead of night. It was very dark, and it was very hard to see what was below your feet and to know where to walk. We each placed glow sticks on our backpacks to show the person behind us where to go. The glow sticks in our lives are the prophets of old, as well as the prophets of our day today. These people know the trail, and they know where to go. They are being led by our Father in Heaven. If we follow the direction the lead us in we will not fail. We will be guided strait to our destination, and we will be able to avoid many trials that come from straying from the trail.
When hiking Mount Timpanogos you spend much time on the side of a mountain and you don't know where the edge is. In life we must stay as far away from the edge as we can and hold fast to the iron rod. We must strive to remain righteous at all times. At times the trail is small and you must walk single file or you will fall off the side of the mountain. In life we sometimes feel as if we are all alone. Sometimes we feel as if we are walking this path all by ourselves with nobody standing next to us, but in reality all we need to do is look up to our Father in Heaven, because he will always be right there by us holding his glow stick to show us the way. Glow sticks and flashlights don't light the trail very far. They don't show us the finish line, and they don't show us how close we are to the finish. They just light up enough of the trail to take the next step. This is the same way God leads us on our paths. He doesn't reveal everything at once, but if we stay faithful to him, he will continue to give us enough light to take a few steps forward on our trail to eternal life.
As we began to near the top the trail became rocky and treacherous. Our legs began to hurt more than they had hurt at any other time during the hike. It was the hardest part of the trail. In our lives it is always darkest before the dawn. The trail is always the hardest before the sun comes up, just as our trials are always the most difficult before they get any easier.
The trail was rough, but it was well worth it when we were able to see the beautiful sunrise. Life is going to be hard, but it is worth it in the end if we remain faithful and don't stray from the path.
When we began our descent down in the morning we discovered that the trail was much easier to follow when it was lit. We found a joy and excitement in our hiking that we didn't have the night before. We still had had absolutely no sleep, and our legs still hurt. The only thing that was different was the light of the sun to show us the path. In our lives when we walk in the light of Christ we are able to find the only true joy that can be found. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us joy beyond measure and even though we will still have the same trials, and might even be given more difficult ones, they will be much more bearable with the Lord by our side.

Thanks Hannah for letting me raid your blog. I had loads of fun. And to all of you reading this...
 "Go climb that mountain"
-Mercy River

Feel my Sunlight

Friday, May 17, 2013

In Between

I have figured out what my big project is going to be this summer! I have actually been thinking about this for a while now and I'm excited that I have the summer when I can really do it and enjoy it too!

I am going to get up every morning and take a picture of the sunrise. And yes, I am fully aware of how early the sun comes up in the summer. I will simply take the picture and then go back to bed. :)
I will then go about my day doing the various things I have planned, or doing nothing at all because it will be summer and I can do absolutely nothing if I want to, thank you very much. Then, when the day is ending I will take a picture of the sunset. I will post the two pictures for that day on my blog and I will write about everything I did in between the sunrise and the sunset. I'm going to do this EVERY DAY this summer! Thus, the reason for this blog post is to tell all who care to read and commit myself to doing it. Because if I post about it, I find I am morelikely to do it!

Love you all!