Tuesday, November 4, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 4}

Today I am thankful for Seminary! I just love it bunches and bunches! Today we had a really cool morning-side, it's like a fireside but in the morning when everyone is tired but happy to be there because they get to feel the spirit and eat doughnuts afterwards. The speaker was Brother Dirkmaat, a professor at BYU and an editor who is working on the Joseph Smith Papers. As my friend Whitney put it, "this guy knows more about Joseph Smith than Joseph Smith knew about Joseph Smith." Okay yeah, she was kidding, but he does know a ton about Joseph Smith and it was really wonderful to hear him talk about the Prophet Joseph Smith. Also we got to sing praise to the man as the closing hymn which nicely tied it all together. 

Also did I mention the BOWMAN'S doughnuts? They were wonderful.

I also have a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, SPIRIT-FILLED, and AWESOME Seminary class this semester. My teacher is wonderful, my class is amazing, and the spirit is there and I just love it!

Seminary is what I'm thankful for today!


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  1. Hey thanks for quoting me! I loved that morning side! :)