Wednesday, November 19, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 19}

Today I am thankful for my littlest brother, Luke. He loves me and I love him and he's so thoughtful. Today my mom bought milk chocolate chips (I am also thankful for that..!) which are mine and Luke's FAVOURITE. We like to eat a few out of a measuring cup every now and then, but we haven't had any in the house for a while, all we had for three weeks was the nasty semi-sweet chocolate chips and who wants to eat that? I think Michael Scott said it best.

Anyway, Luke saw that our mom had bought like four bags and got me and dragged me to the kitchen and pointed at the bag and said, "Is that real? Are they really in there!?" And then we high-fived and danced around the kitchen and then I got out the measuring cups and we had our selves some milk chocolate chips. Luke is just the best, and I love him and his happiness. <3

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