Wednesday, November 12, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 12}

Today I am REALLY thankful for my winter BFF. I'm the one in our family who is ALWAYS cold. Seriously, I am sitting here writing this post with fuzzy socks on my feet which are resting on the heating vent and my toes are still cold. And of course I always seem to end up with a cold bedroom for no good reason at all. So I have this friend of mine who keeps me warm and I L-O-V-E him! I cant sleep if I'm cold so having this guy around is quite wonderful.

I am just now realizing that this post so far sounds like I have an actual person who keeps me warm. This is not the case.


Sorry, I had to find a way to use this photo in a post.. :)

My real winter BFF is called Space Heater and I'm excited that we have rekindled our love for the coming winter season. Thankfully though, love, like this nasty freeze-your-face-off weather, is fleeting. I will be happier when I can be an independent woman again in the spring, but for now I am quite thankful that Space Heater is in my life.

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