Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well, I guess 2012 is over. Which feels kinda weird, but at the same time it just feels like any other night I stay up watching Pitch Perfect... ;)

Some of the highlights of the year for me were:

  • Writing and student directing the musical review for theatre.
  •  Aida.
  • The One Direction concert!
  • Girls Camp. (Surprisingly :))
  • Hunger Games. Just everything Hunger Games.
  • Les Miserables.
  • Retreat For Girls.
  • Discovering Perks and reading it 13 times.
  • High School Seminary.
  • Music. Most definitely Music. 

Tomorrow, or I guess today, I will wake up and I will feel just like how I felt when I woke up today. It will just be another day. I still wont feel like doing my homework. Although I will actually have to do it because school starts back up on Wednesday... But anyways! I'm really grateful that I made it another year in this crazy world! I hope 2013 will be even better! :)


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