Thursday, April 11, 2013


Bread is a gift that has
Come from above.
Bread creates stories.
The ones we all love.

The bread with seaweed,
That signals the escape.
Or a special little cracker
With an imprinted shape.

The boy standing on a porch,
Throwing bread in the rain.
The girl who caught it and
Knew she was saved.

A French Loaf from Arabia
That a monkey couldn't eat.
That loaf was given to children
Who had no shoes for their feet.

The mouthful that caused a
Good man to do time.
The mouthful that caused
A 3 hour long rhyme.

Roasting crumpets and marshmallows
Over holiday break.
Or bread served at a party.
(That was mouldy, no mistake).

A ginger bread man, 
Who just couldn't be caught.
(The baker and his wife
Were very distraught).

The brother and sister who
Left a trail in the woods.
A witch almost ate them,
But she never quite could.

Bread is my favourite.
I know it's your's too.
So perhaps you should think
About what it's done for you.

Its the simplest of foods.
It comes from the oldest of times.
Jesus Christ ate it
And blessed it in rhymes.

They say that man cannot
Live by bread alone.
But we still need a slice because
Bread makes life whole.


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