Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Live is my word. Some may say that this is a stupid or easy word to choose, but I disagree. Living is a lot harder than being alive. And I choose to live.

I choose some of the harder things in live. For example, this semester I have one AP and four CE classes. No, I am not a masochist, but I do believe in doing all one can to gain as much knowledge as possible. If I am given the opportunity to gain an education, one that is denied to many, I feel it my responsibility to live up to that opportunity and learn all that I can.

I also love to soak up life, to truly live, to me, means to enjoy life to its fullest. I love to travel; I want to visit all seven continents before I die. (Even Antarctica, you can take a cruise there and hang out with penguins, why wouldn't I wan't to do that?) Life if full of opportunities and I intend to use up every single one I get.

To be alive and to live are two completely different things. Being alive is just that. You are breathing and walking around and sometimes you might even do something. But to live, to breathe in knowledge, to walk down a street you have never walked down before, to do something that scares you. That is something so precious. Think of the experiences you could be having! Instead of letting life pass you by one Netflix episode at a time, perhaps we should pause the video droning on and un-pause our lives.

Breathe, sing, laugh, hear, see, travel, love, serve, LIVE. Living is so much more than being alive. Living is to experience, to become, to seek. Live is my word, my doctrine, my personal scripture. Life is the canvas; living is the work of art. I want my canvas to be so full of life that when some person on the street sees it, long after I am gone, they will want that same extraordinary color and verve to be on their own canvas. Live is my word.

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