Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am Glad

I am glad for many things,
Pretty shoes and silver rings.
Magical sunshine, soft white snow.
And music to fill my heart and soul.
Parents who love me, and siblings too.
I'm also glad I can go to school!
I'm grateful for friends who care about me!
And all the water in the blue, blue sea.
I'm glad for my 8 aunts :)
Especially the ones that make cheese balls just for me ;)
And my 7 uncles! (who are HILARIOUS!!)
My cool, cool cousins! all 31 of them!!
My i-pod, my laptop, and unlimited texting.
The love I have for Olive Garden dressing!
My fuzzy socks I wear when its cold
The fact that I'm not afraid to be BOLD!
Harry who taught me to fight for what I want,
Hermione who taught me to think things through,
And Ron who taught me to NEVER FOLLOW THE SPIDERS!!
(Only the butterflies!)
My passion for performing, and my love for the stage
The fact that I get to be in the school play!
The American flag, with its red and white stripes
And all the stars in the dark night sky!
The sunsets that always compel me to dream,
The wonder and goodness of Bavarian cream!
My favorite color, and my favorite person
They are both always changing, depending and ranging.
I'm glad for mistakes, and medium steaks!
I'm glad I could play Lady MacBeth
She taught me to go on, even if I'm a mess!
I'm glad there are no "Re-do's"
life would be so boring if there were!
I'm glad I'm alive, I'm glad to be me.
I'm glad for the world, because it makes me, ME!

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  1. Han, this is mahvelous. In my heart, your being happy is one of the most important things!! So glad you are glad. I love you!