Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today was the closing night of my theater class' production of "Dinner Theater: A Night Of Shakespeare." And I honestly have to say, doing a show like this makes me want to perform and be on the stage for the rest of my life! The experience has been amazing! I was trusted with the role of Lady MacBeth and I have to say...playing a psycho lady is kinda FUN! haha! But really, I have learned a lot over the past month. One of Lady MacBeth's lines is, "What's done cannot be undone." And saying it over and over has made me realize that it's true! What you have done, what others have done, cannot be undone. And for good reason too, life would be awfully boring if we went through it with no mistakes!
The cast has been amazing!! I have to say I have had SO MUCH FUN becoming better friends with all them! Practically living at the school, goofing off, and performing with them has been such a wonderful experience! The funny, extraordinary, CRAZY cast has made all the hard work worth it :)
Now, my AMAZING teacher, Mrs. Loureiro has to be one of the strongest, smartest, and COOLEST people I know! She has taught me so much! I am so grateful that she has been my theater teacher :) She is so, as Ronald Weasley would say, bloody brilliant! haha :)
I just have to say that this past week has been one of the best weeks of my life! I have had SO MUCH FUN and I can't wait for the next show (Aida) to really get going! I am really glad that theater came into my life, and I hope it never leaves!

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  1. I am smiling at this! Lady MacBeth knew a lot. She was crazy and she was evil, but she knew stuff. MacBeth is my favorite of all Shakespeare! It's the extreme of extremes: murdering kings and best friends etc. and all for what? power. Can you say that in the voice of Smeegol? ick.
    So glad you had a great time. Grammanita