Tuesday, November 22, 2011

School...What Is It REALLY For?

 So lately I have been thinking (I know! Great idea huh?). Mostly about school, and the future, etc... First off, grades...sure colleges look at them and your parents ground you if they aren't high enough, but WHAT are they? What do we work so hard in school for? I have found the answer. We work our butts off for a stupid LETTER!! A's to F's (No H's? COME ON ;) ) and they mean...? Oh jolly good! You earned a letter! You have been awarded a piece of the alphabet! That's a load of crap! I can get a piece of the alphabet in a bowl of soup! (Campbell's Alphabet Soup to be exact.) I don't need to be classified into a system by the friggin' letter I earned in my math class!

Of course I will still go along with this system seeing as I want to go to college and REALLY learn something that I actually have an interest in. Which brings me to my next point. I understand the need to know how to write and communicate, and that is why I am interested and invested in my English class. But when it comes to science, ok...so now I know the layers of the atmosphere, I don't really care to know more. Sorry, but that's how I feel. The electives (classes I CHOOSE to take) I am taking this year are mostly performing and creative arts. The stuff I want to do for the rest of my life, like singing, acting (I <3 Theater!), and sewing. I feel like these classes I really enjoy and I'm excited to go to school, be there, and learn! When I am forced to take a class I don't want to take...I get nasty...and you don't wanna deal with me when I get nasty! ;)

Gym class...I am forced to take it, and I HATE it. Don't get me wrong! I love exercise and do it all the time...I just hate it when someone who doesn't even know me is yelling at me to run faster. When I am determined to do something I do it! When I could care less...It usually doesn't end up well. But what can you do about the stupid system we have all been forced into? Honestly, I don't have the answer, but there is always that one person that comes along and changes a nation because they spoke up. Like Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Change, yeah that would be nice! I feel like I do the same thing every day. Wake up, do my make-up, hair, choose an outfit, eat breakfast (if i'm lucky), and get to the bus stop by 7:30. I get to school, I walk the same way to my locker as I always do, I open my locker, put my stuff in, get my binder and go to class. Everyday the same...Sure the inside jokes change, and so do crushes (ssshh! don't tell my daddy ;) ), but really nothing much happens. It would take an earth quake to shake up my routine right now! But as the Beatles said..."Let It Be." Ok fine...maybe It will get better soon. :) Here's hoping!

I should follow what Gandhi said...change the world, and I know I can, and I will. But right now, I feel like I have enough on my plate :). But still...if anyone on the school board reads this.... :)

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  1. We're all with you on that one, sweetie, more or less. We all have "stuff" that has to be done for some reason or other, and then we have the "stuff" that we really love. I guess life's like that, even when you grow up. Keep smilin' through!