Monday, June 10, 2013

{In Between} Day 1

It's the first official day of summer! So today is the day I start my {In Between} project! To get all the details of what {In Between} is click HERE. So without further adieu, here's the first day of summer!

Sunrise Day 1

Today has been a very random day...

5:58 am I got up to take a picture of the first sunrise of summer! :) I then went back to bed. Duh. Around 10:30 I actually woke up for the day and got ready. I love sleeping an extra 5 hours compared to when I get up during the school year! It's basically my favourite thing about summer. I ate some brunch (that sounds WAY to classy, but I ate in between lunch and brunch it is!) and then I got my siblings together and we filled up about 70 water balloons and proceeded to wash our gold minivan (#MinivanSWAG) by throwing water balloons at it and dousing it with soapy suds. We ended up getting in a huge water fight (the inevitable) and the car got clean, so win-win for everyone! After I got dry again, I finished filling out a couple of job applications and then left to turn them in. ( If anyone knows of a place that is hiring please let me know! I will love you forever! ;) ) I also stopped at Bowman's to check on my application there, and to buy some spinach, because if you know me, you know I L-O-V-E my spinach salads! When I got home I got on Pinterest and pretty much waisted an entire hour pinning Harry Potter stuff, which actually isn't a waist of time at all when I think about it... #PotterHeadForLIFE! We had spaghetti (or pasghetti as my little brother likes to call it) for dinner and it's pretty much my favourite so, yay! We had FHE and for our treat we got yummy ice cream shakes. Of course I got Mint Oreo, as usual. It was even yummier than the pasghetti. :) And so here I am, writing this post, at the end of a long, fun, and exciting day. The first day of summer is always sort of a trick, because you don't really feel like it's summer, you feel like you're supposed to be at school or be doing homework. But you're not, so you just sort of do what ever you want, and just float through the day.


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