Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer, TV is a LIE, and High School

It's the last day of school!!! And I am seriously so excited to be done! Don't get me wrong, I loved this year, but I need it to be summer.

This year has been SO different from last year. No theatre and no choir for me this year! And I probably won’t do preforming arts in High School ever again. Everyone is always shocked when I talk about this and I need to clarify something. I have not stopped singing! Never have and never will! You silly people think that if I’m not doing it in High School that I must have just completely dropped it. This is completely false! I am still singing, just not competitively, because let’s face it, that’s what singing in High School is, a competition, and that’s not what singing is about for me. Singing is about singing. Not who is better at it or who can hold the note out longer. That’s just petty crap that nobody likes to participate in, but everyone has to because that’s how High School works. I just choose not to participate, and that is that. :)
I have really figured out who my REAL friends are this year ( you know who you are :) ) and I am really grateful that I did! High School really shows you who is actually there for you, and I’m grateful for that. I think you either get sucked in by the whole “I NEED to be cool and popular or High School is going to suck” thing, or you figure out that what really matters are your real friends and the memories you make with them, whether other people thing you’re “cool” or not.

I think we all have this preconceived notion about High School because we have watched what it is supposedly like on TV for the past 15 years of our lives. I’m pretty sure that the people who produce and write the shows on Disney Channel have never been to High School. (And the way they portray High School is NOT the only reason I think that…) First of all, nobody uses their lockers, and I mean NOBODY! Secondly, since when you people have time to just sit and talk for 10 minutes between every class? Like, really? That’s a lie. The other weird thing about TV/Movie High School is that the bell rings while people are still in the hall talking/doing their scene, and THEN, only after the bell has rung, do they even think about going to class. So just a tip for all you Jr. High kids, TV is a lie. Go read a book.

This year has been really great! I am going to miss it? No, I will not miss being a sophomore. Not one bit. But I will miss the memories. It’s funny how day to day nothing seems to change, but then you look back and everything is different. I suppose that’s life, though.

Have a lovely day! :)

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