Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So I skipped yesterday because I had writers block, and i was tired, and it was Temple Tuesday today so I had to sleeeeeep. So I am making it up today! :)

Day 5

So, I took this personality test and I accidentally exited out of the website, and I am too lazy to take it again so I am just going to tell you what it basically said.

Basically, it told me that I am an introverted control freak who likes to write everything down.

And now I tell you what I think about that. I do admit that I have my introverted moments, but I don't get anxiety in public or anything like that. I have a lot of friends and I enjoy hanging out, but I also enjoy time to myself. I consider myself an even mix of both. Now they didn't actually say "control freak" but that's basically what they said. I enjoy having my day planned out and I enjoy when it goes according to plan, okay? And yes. I write a lot of stuff down. I also draw a lot. Happy?

Also I am slightly sarcastic.

Day 6

Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

Oh, did I mention I still have freaking writers block? Because I do, so I will keep it very simple and a bit cryptic as well.

Okay, here we go.
Here's how it went.
Sat us down, gave us some fudge, and then dropped the (expected on my part) bomb.
The End.

Figure that one out!

P.S. I still eat fudge. Duh. It's chocolate. Why wouldn't you eat it?

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  1. Ya that's a pretty big deal. Eat the fudge.

    My methods of curing writers block...
    ~Notebook. Just write and write.
    ~Michael Buble. He helps.
    ~look at old pictures.
    ~look at old pictures while listening to Michael Buble.
    ~Mormon Messages(obviously).
    ~Fudge. eat the fudge.