Monday, September 30, 2013

It Is SO Over & Other News

This whole Blogtember thing is just too much work, and as you can see, I have quit doing it anyways. I just wasn't inspired by the prompts. So it is SO over.

A lot has been going on in my life! School is crazy, but not as crazy as it was. I dropped my AP US History class. I just couldn't live a healthy life when I had two hours of homework every night just for one class. Its was just too much! So now I am just in Honors US History. The teacher is great and I have a TON of friends in that class. So it's all good! :)

I just have to say I don't understand those people who have 4 AP classes, the school play, and a job. Do you just not sleep? Are you a robot? Do you have a homework slave who does it all for you? Are you insane? Are you even human? Either way, I hope you don't die of exhaustion or go crazy and end up in a loony bin somewhere.

I have been absolutely LOVING my Interior Design class. For those of you who don't know, I want to be an Interior Designer when I am older. This means that I HAVE to go to Utah State University because they are the only school in the state that offers a Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) program. (And I REALLY don't want to go out of state, it's too much work and it cost too much.) This also means that I have to get a 32 on the ACT if I want a full ride... So yay for ACT Saturday study sessions with my ACT book and my kitchen table. Ew.

Now for my mini gripe session:

I have a basement bedroom. My mother does not. My mother controls the thermostat. I do not. It gets cold in the basement before it gets cold upstairs. I get really cold at night. My mother does not. Now I know that she had a basement bedroom when she was growing up. So I know she knows what it's like to be freezing. But now that she has been upstairs for so many years, I feel she has forgotten how horrible it actually is. So, this is my petition to her to have a stay in the basement this weekend and really feel how horrible it is all over again. Then maybe, just maybe (probably not), she will start to turn the heater on at night for the basement dwellers. She did turn on the heater for like five minutes last night, but that so doesn't count because five minutes is just barely enough time to get the cold air out of the vents and to actually start blowing hot air. So yeah. that's my gripe for the day.

ANYWAYS. I am excited to announce that I will be doing my 30 Days of Thanksgiving posts again this year! Starting November 1st I will be writing about one thing I am thankful for every day in the month of November. Feel free to join me, you don't have to have a blog! Post it on Facebook or Twitter, or even just write it in your journal. Just be thankful! I promise it will bless your life!

Have a happy day!

-Hannah Riley


  1. I'd like the whole world to know that we have a space heater that I thought about early this morning. It will be taking up residence in Hannah's room since she is the only one in the house who seems to get cold at night. And I will be sleeping in my own bed upstairs.

    Mamma loves a Hannah girl!

  2. You guys are hilarious. PLEASE don't stop writing this blog. I adore it.

    1. Haha Thank you, Becki! I am definitely not planning to stop blogging any time soon! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I took interior design last year and *loved* it!!! We ended up drawing floor plans for an entire house and getting samples for all of everything... It was beautiful. Except I shall be a chem major sometime in the future. But interior design is still loads of fun! :D
    <3 Marie-Rose