Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 11}

On this Veterans Day I am extremely grateful for those who fight for our freedom. We are so lucky to have the freedoms that we do! I feel that everyday should be Veterans Day. They fight everyday, so we ought to thank them and pray for them everyday. Even in times of peace there are families relocating and soldiers leaving for training every day and they deserve out thanks and prayers as much as anyone else.

I am thankful to my relatives and ancestors who have fought for this country's freedom and I love them all the more because of their service.

I am also thankful to my neighbors who have served! They are the kindest people I know and I am happy to call them my friends. 

Remember when someone serves this country, they are serving you.

Thank you to all who have served. Know that you are appreciated, loved, and prayed for.


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