Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 4}

Today I am thankful for Daylight Savings time. No I take that back. I am thankful for electricity. Let me explain. I love sleep, and as a high school student, I love it even more that the average Joe. So when I get what feels like an extra hour of sleep I am a pretty happy camper. Scratch that I am a happy person. I hate camping. But here's the thing. To get the extra hour. We have to loose that hour again in March. Now I completely understand why Daylight Savings time was important back when Benjamin Franklin came up with it, but it is totally pointless now because we have something else from good old Ben, electricity. So really, Ben made his first great idea completely and totally irrelevant with his second idea and apparently only the good states of Arizona and Hawaii have figured that out. Yes, in the past DST had its purpose, but now the only purpose it serves is to confuse people and make you late for school/work/church/everything. There is simply no reason for it to be used anymore. It's not like getting rid of it would be a big problem either. Just choose the time you want to be on (which I am sure the politicians in Congress will find a way to argue over..) and then once you are on that time, don't change it again! It's not like we are switching what side of the road we're driving on, it's about making life easier, not harder!

Anyways, there is my rant on DST. I really am thankful for electricity and all the modern technology we have to make life a little easier. It's pretty great!

(Hopefully some politician will see this and find a way to get DST removed from existence, but if not, we shall soldier on.)


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