Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 2

Today I am going to write about how grateful I am for my family. :) They are always there for me! Just today I woke up with a headache and by about 8 o'clock it had turned into a full on migraine. NOT FUN. Around lunch I started to have blurry vision in my right eye. Needless to say, I needed to go home. I called my mom but she was in Bountiful so she couldn't come get me. So I called my daddy and he came and took me home. :) Anyways, my parents are awesome. :)

I also have 3 wonderful siblings! I love them so much! First there's Sami my younger sister, and even though we fight sometimes, I still love her and her really loud laugh. :) Then there's Mr. Levi a.k.a. Big Buba. My favorite freckle faced, brown eyed boy who, once he starts laughing cant stop. He gives great hugs and he knows his super heroes. I love him so much! <3 And finally there is Luke, a.k.a. Little Buba. He's so happy all the time, and when I'm not he finds a way to cheer me up. :)
I love my siblings and I  hope we stay close forever. <3

Now we move on to my 16 AWESOME aunts and uncles! My aunts and uncles are all so amazing! I am so thankful for all of their wonderful examples to me and all the love and support they have, and continue to show me. :) 

I couldn't post this without mentioning my cousins! All 39 of them :) They're all so fun to be around! I'm very thankful for them and the fun times I have had talking to them, babysitting them, and just goofing off with them. :) 

I'm also thankful for my grandparents. They have taught me so much, and I am really grateful for their great examples to me:) 

Lastly I would like to say how grateful I am for all of my ancestors who came before me. I wouldn't be here without them! Even though I haven't met most of them I am very grateful for everything they have done and taught me through their lives.

I love my family and I am so very grateful for all them! :) 


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